Mounting Process

Our conservation safe patented mounting process will allow you to frame your Vinyl Records, CDs and DVDs.

This unique process is quick, easy, conservation safe and completely interchangeable.

Mounting Process for Vinyl Record, CD and DVD Frames - Step 1

Mounting Process for Vinyl Record, CD and DVD Frames - Step 2

Mounting Process for Vinyl Record, CD and DVD Frames - Step 3
Mounting Process for Record Sleeve and CD Booklet Frames - Step 1

Mounting Process for Record Sleeve and CD Booklet Frames - Step 2

Mounting Process for Record Sleeve and CD Booklet Frames - Step 3

1. Remove the back of the frame by bending up the "flex points" located around the mat on the back of the frame.

2. Remove the back and front mat pieces leaving the glass in the frame.

3. Mount your vinyl, CD or DVD by sliding your disc under the clear vinyl "tabs".

4. Gently lift the top mounting tab and place your disc flat against the matting allowing the top tab to hold the disc in place.

5. The record sleeve and cd booklet are mounted in the same fashion by sliding the sleeve behind the tabs.

6. Look at the mounted piece to be sure that the disc is mounted "straight" and adjust as needed.

7. Place both mat pieces back into the frame and bend the "flex points" back into place to secure the glass and mat pieces into the frame.

Hang and enjoy....





"Good" isn’t a strong enough word for this rating system. This is a great frame, the mat is awesome. The sleeve I was framing is a double thick sleeve, double album but not a gatefold... I was a little worried I might have a problem with the thicker sleeve. But it worked out great. My sleeve is now beautifully mounted. These guys took great care when packing to insure it arrived without damage. My order shipped quickly and I had it within 6 days, with 2 of those days being a Saturday and a Sunday.

Pricing is reasonable when you consider what you’re getting for your money. Much nicer than other available LP frames.

I sent them a couple of emails before ordering. I received prompt concise replies along with an apology that one of my custom ideas was too large for them. It was wider than their available mat stock.

- Chris Bolen

Found Framemyrecord online, and I am SO GLAD THAT I DID! I was working on a project to frame 10 vinyl albums in different styles - quite a big project. I had some questions, so I called, and John couldn’t have been more helpful - I couldn’t believe it! He answered all of my questions, and I placed the order. The order arrived, and I was really looking forward to opening the packages. When I opened one package, I realized that they had made a mistake, so I called them. John again COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE HELPFUL and MORE OF A GENTLEMAN, and he resolved the problem IMMEDIATELY!!! Talk about SERVICE!!!! And the frames are BEAUTIFUL, excellent quality - I am SO HAPPY WITH THEM.

I have high standards, and I can tell you that these frames are EXCELLENT in quality, and I can’t say enough about the EXCELLENT service that this company provides. I will be a customer for life - just EXCELLENT all around!!!!

- James Varaklis

A great value - from order to hanging on the wall, everything was perfect. Everything. Ease of order, order method, tracking, confirmation, updates, shipping time, packaging quality, ease of installation and most of all the final product looks awesome!

Only comment is it would be nice to have an album cover and sleeve option. Framed signed Zep 4 with sleeve using a Gatefold (lyrics for Stairway to Heaven) and the sleeve is just a little loose as it is smaller.

Quality USA Made !

Thanks again

- William Pete

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